Workshop Themes

For the 2012/2013 program in Bali, there are four workshop practice themes:

· Twenty-one Moments of Stillness: Beginning in a daily life posture, resting like a living tree or in a silent atmosphere yet also being alive in the context of the environment. Then staying or moving to a new posture in accord with the place, time and conditions. Awake in every moment of movement and dwelling in twenty-one moments of stillness.

· Tri Hita Karana in Environmental Art: In the Balinese principle of Tri Hita Karana, three elements that are the source or cause of goodness and well-being are: harmoniousness with other humans, with nature (space) and with God/the Source of Life in relation to the specific place, time and conditions. By placing and moving three small stones and two bamboo sticks, exploring how one’s posture or movement forms space as well as how the shape of a place affects one’s posture, movement or gesture. Then, creating individual and group environmental art compositions based on the principle of Tri Hita Karana.

· Embodied Movement Relief: Beginning with daily life walking, practicing awareness of place and space. From the ‘soul’ of the foot, gesture arises like the centuries-old engravings on a candi temple. By embodying movement relief, gradually the presence of gesture comes to life. In composing attuned with the surrounding environment, art can emerge as an offering – expressing awakening.

· Awakening Art & Religiosity: Practicing how one’s feeling of religiosity can be embodied in art and how art can embody a feeling of religiosity. Exploring dance, chant, prayer, music, poetic recitation and ritual offerings as art that reflects the diversity of humankind’s manner of bowing or reverence for God/the Source of Life.


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